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Rotary supports the education and development of young people and, along with other clubs in our District, the RCC is actively involved.

This year the venue and dates have still to be decided.  However, as in previous years some 30 schools will be invited to take part and prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

The RCC also supports financially two local students from one school each year on the Rotary Youth Leadership Award scheme.  The students are selected by the school, with the advice of the Rotary Club, and join some 50 or more students from a variety of schools in the District.  They spend a week at the High Ashurst Outdoor Activity Centre on Box Hill near Dorking where they take part in a variety of team building and sports activities designed to develop personal self- confidence and self-esteem, improve leadership skills by working with other young people of the same age and interests.

Nationally, Rotary supports a variety of competitions, such as Young Chef, Young Photographer or Young Writer and helps to organize technology tournaments. The success of such initiatives depends on having fruitful contacts with the schools. Suggestions for such activities can at any time be discussed with the Youth Services Officer for consideration by the council.

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more Member Joe Trickey will introduce the pupils we sponsored to take part in the Rotary Young Leader Awards