Community Service/ KidsOut 2017

Thirty-five children, twelve teachers and asistants, four Rotary members - and great fun for all at Tropical Wings on KidsOut Day

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Every Picture Tells A Story

Glorious sunshine, thirty-five bouncy, happy children from Thriftwood School, a squad of 12 caring teachers and four of us.

Kids Out Day, 2017 was another huge success.  Great comments from the children.
“We loved it, especially the meerkats,” said one as we all enjoyed a superb picnic lunch organised again by Tina Joyce.
“I did not want to go into the bugs room, I don’t like spiders,” said another, “but the talk was fun and we saw some fascinating creatures – the geckos were green and lovely.” 
“Why does that big brown Kangaroo have a white joey in its pouch!

Thriftwood leader Kathryn Sheffle was delighted with our efforts and urged the children to thank the Rotary Club for funding the day.  We club four, Peter and Wendy Greene, Norman Bishop and myself were there to meet and greet their coach.  Kathryn was first one off with Thomas who handed us a huge Thank You card, full of pictures and thank-you letters.
This will be shared with other Club members.

Next Year Again?

The zoo staff were again quite brilliant in making sure the group knew in advance what they could see and were there with us to wave them off at the end of the visit.  Kathryn was standing in for Laura Bazely who was unavailable but Kathryn said, as we all gathered to watch the birds of prey and for Peter to take the group photograph before having to leave. “We have had a lovely day and we thank the Rotary Club for everything.  We would like to come back next year.”

My personal thanks to Peter and Wendy for their support and to Norman for collecting all the great picnic food – and especially to Tina for not only supplying but delivering to Norman’s door.

I am standing down as organiser and will support my successor totally – and I am not sure I can stay away as a Rotarian entirely.  Next year, I might be the one holding hands and saying: “Are you having fun?”
By Trevor Bond,
Kids Out Day Organiser