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The President’s Choice


The Haddenham Rotary President normally serves for one year and in that year, will nominate one or more Rotary Projects or Causes that benefit our local community, to be the main beneficiaries of our fund-raising events

Rotary members will usually also vote to support an additional number of local community initiatives 

It is our practice to hold an Invitation Evening each autumn during which presentations are made to our chosen organisations and representatives are invited to speak to share their experiences 


Haddenham and District Rotary Fund Raising


We have three mains ways to raise funds:

  • Running specific fund-raising activities (e.g. Quiz Night, Jumble Sale, Public Collections)

  • Community service events (e.g. The Waddesdon Sponsored Ride)

  • Donations by members and friends of Rotary


Haddenham and District Rotary has raised over £500,000
in support of local and international communities


There are about 35,000 Rotary meeting venues in 200 Countries, all of them contributing
to Rotary's global objective to deliver sustainable benefit

No wonder Rotary is one of the top ten organisations
doing good in the world


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If you enjoy having fun while helping others less fortunate than yourself,
we invite you to contact us to find out more

Use your business and social skills, and professional resources
to benefit people less fortunate than yourself.

Forge new friendships, exchange ideas and help us deliver humanitarian aid
with lasting benefit to local, national and international communities.

Your business life can benefit too.

Ask about helping with our events or to join one of our meetings


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some of the organisations we are proud to support



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