2019 Soapbox Derby

The Soapbox Derby will return to Billericay on May 6, 2019. Following the success of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 events - we will do it all again in 2019! For a look at the 2018 event - see the webpages under Billericay Soapbox Derby 2018.

Let's Celebrate in 2018
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Doing it all again in 2019

It's a GO!

President Les Sheppard announces we'll do it all again. The Soapbox Derby will return to Billericay on May 6th. 2019. A fantastic success for the club in 2016, 2017 and 2018 - the weight of unsolicited positive comments on Facebook, Twitter and email, and direct approaches by the public, meant we just couldn't let people down. 10,000 spectators this year - how many will come in 2019?

Here is the video of the 2018 event as featured by BBC News:

(Picture by Peter Mitchelmore)

For a look at the 2018 event - see the webpages under Billericay Soapbox Derby 2018.

Enter a Soapbox

If you would like to ENTER the next Soapbox Derby, then please click on the icon below to go to a page where you can leave your details and an Entry pack will be emailed to you.

Until End August 2018, the Entry Fee is unchanged from last year at £55 (non-refundable) per soapbox including postage and packing.  On September 1, 2018 the Fee increases to £60, so don't delay entry.

Buy your Tickets Now!

Super Saver tickets are available now until 6 pm March 4, 2019.

Advance Saver tickets are available after 6 pm March 4, 2019 until 6 pm May 5, 2019

After that On-line and on the Gate tickets are available at £5.00 each for individuals only. NO FAMILY TICKETS - Family Tickets have to be bought in advance.

For fuller information and to buy your tickets on-line now and save money, then click on the button below:

Hurry Up – Numbers will be limited on the day.  Two types of Tickets are available:

    Individual Tickets - available per person

    Family Tickets for a family of two adults and 2 children (aged 3-17 years old).


Interested in Sponsoring a 2018 Team?

Get Involved!  Take a personal interest! Sponsor one of the Soapbox Teams! 

Every team has to raise at least £100 in sponsorship for the Soapbox Derby charities

Click on the button below to see the list of teams entering the 2019 Soapbox Derby to make a sponsorship donation. 

Keeping Informed

Want to be kept informed? If you do, 

"like" our Facebook page:  


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2019 Documentation

The Programme, Prizes, Rules & Regulations have been completed and are accessible by clicking on the links below:

100% of ALL Profits raised will go to Local and International Charities