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Sport & Social/ Club Assembly & Charter Night (21 & 30 June 2017)

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Club Assembly (Wednesday 21 June)

We were delighted to be able to welcome District Governor Nominee Nominee Lawrence Tristram to our Club Assembly when the President Elect and his committee heads were able to provide members with their plans for the forthcoming Rotary year.

The opportunity was taken to provide our District visitor with an update on the various Club activities undertaken during the year and he was given a tour of the Rotary Garden at Delancey Park.

On behalf of our District he provided his thanks and appreciation to our members for the successes seen in the current year.

Charter Night (Friday 30 June)

The Rotary Club of Guernsey Summer Handover / Charter evening took place on Friday 30th June at The Farmhouse Hotel.  President Brian Acton was delighted to be able to welcome the following honoured guests:

Hilary Bentley: President Rotary Club of Alderney

Michele Alston: President Inner Wheel Club of Guernsey

Douglas Fearnley: President Friends of Guernsey Rotary

Sarah Cash: president Elect Rotary Guernesias

Sir de vic Carey: Honorary Member

The proceedings created an ideal opportunity to acknowledge our Charter and to celebrate the fact that we are in our 94th anniversary further evidencing our long and proud heritage. During his speech President Brian Acton was able to highlight and illustrate the wide range of activities that have been progressed throughout the year which have touched the lives of so many within our community. The Club has worked closely with Rotary Guerneseais throughout the year and has also enjoyed and benefitted from the valuable support so willingly provided by the members of Inner Wheel.

The occasion also marked the handover of responsibilities to the President Elect Mr Simon Milsted and his vice Mr Mike Le Conte in addition to the President Nominee Mr Nathan Silk evidencing the strong succession planning enjoyed within the Club that provides so well for our continuity.

Entertainment was provided by Mr Alan Gough who also introduced "The Youth of Today" who sang a number of classical pieces so beautifully and with the energy and passion that is not normally seen by performers of this young age resulting in standing ovation.

A fitting and totally enjoyable end to a relaxing and very social evening to acknowledge the closing of the 2016/2017 Rotary year for which President Brian Acton thanked his Council members, their committees and the entire membership for the valued support , hard work and determination as we have collectively built on the success of The Rotary Club of Guernsey.