Richard Darke Awards 2017

Michael Pearce presents awards

The Club sponsors awards presented annually to children at local schools [primary and secondary] in recognition of special or exceptional achievement during the preceding school year.  The child selected to receive an award is determined by the school staff but the recommendation is not necessarily related to academic achievement.  The decision to make the award can involve other attributes including engagement in sport, music, drama, community activities, extra curricular activities or any attribute in which the child is considered to have either made a major contribution, progressed developmentally or shown exceptional performance and/or ability.

Richard Darke was the founder President of the Rotary Club of Kibworth and Fleckney and as a lasting memorial to his major involvement in establishing the Club, both in the initiation stage and in the succeeding years prior to his premature death, the members have continued to support and encourage the annual awards as an important part of their philosophy to be involved with the local community and support ‘youth’ related projects.