Update from Nepal

We've been closely associated with the school-led water sanitation and hygiene promotion project in Sunsari District - here's the latest news.

Another 35 child club members - 19 girls and 16 boys - have been given two days hygiene and sanitation training at school.

A hygiene and sanitation committee of 11 members has been formed at Rastriya Secondary School, working closely with child club members to conduct hygiene and sanitation promotion activities.

Around 125 people took part in a sanitation campaign led by local child club and watch group members in Ward No 6 of Shreepur VDC.

Renovation and upgrading of the toilets and water supply system at two schools are under construction and about 75% of the work has been completed.

A 30-member ward level watch group has been formed in two wards and both are working on village level hygiene and sanitation promotion activities together with child clubs. Watch group monitor the open defecation in the community.

Clearly, there is lots of good work going on in the effort to bring modern sanitation to the area - more news as we have it.