District Newsletter Winner 2016-17

Newsletter Editor Trevor Bond reflects on winning the District Best Newsletter award for the second year in succession

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Newsletter Editor Trevor Bond reflects on winning the award for the second year in succession

"It felt like that when Stan Keller, Rotary GB&I Public Image Committee and RI Assistant Public Image Co-ordinator (ARPIC) - wish I had a title like that Stan! - presented me with the District Newsletter of the Year shield  award  for the second year running at lunch at Reids on July 24. A hat-trick really (eat your heart out Moeen Ali!) since the club had already been presented with Rotary GB&I national Newsletter of the Year  which IPP Mike received on my behalf in Manchester.

I said then two things which I repeated at Stan’s handover. Firstly, I was duly humble and grateful for the Newsletter being recognised against serious competition, both District 1240 and, nationally, around the Rotary clubs of Great Britain and Ireland. Secondly, as editor, I acknowledged that this was not a one-man operation. It was and has been for the past five years a wonderful team effort with all credit going to producer and co-editor Peter Greene and to the printing prowess of Malcom and Tom Acors.

In my fifty years in journalism, I was lucky enoug to win an award or two. None gave me such pleasure as much as this has done for myself and, above all, for our wonderful club.  I am humble but I am proud of what we have achieved between us, none of which could have happend without the hundred per cent support of all the members.

I thank you all.  I congratulate the Clacton-on-Sea club who gave us such a good run for our money. We cannot expect to win it every time. Already I see “competitors” taking tips and displaying more intriguing and interesting columns.  If next year’s shield does not carry our club name, then so be it. Competition is good for Rotary....

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