Social 'Out Meeting' (Thursday 17 August)

A visit to Guernsey’s power station followed by supper

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The evening of Thursday 17 August 2017 saw Rotarians out and about enjoying a social night out with a little education thrown in.  A guided trip was organised around Guernsey’s power generation and distribution facility at St Sampson. Their host for the evening engaged the members with facts and figures concerning our electricity generation needs and capabilities. They even shared the secret of how you get French generated electricity to flow out of a UK plug!

The tour was extended by some 30 minutes by the relentless questioning of a couple of our engineering Rotarians but that simply added to the value of the trip for all concerned which proved informative and ‘illuminating’!

Our president manfully propped up the bar to hold the table at the subsequent dining venue until the delayed arrival of the party where excellent food and boisterous conversation followed.

The Club looks forward with trepidation to our next ‘out-meeting’ where we will be shown the finer points of Guernsey’s Sewerage Outflow system!  Bring your wellies!!! 

Thanks to Tony Spruce and his social committee for arranging another great night out.