Your Green Future

YGF Year 10 students at UWE

Your Green Future is an interactive event which engages school students with a low carbon economy, and their potential role in creating this through their career choices.

Each event sees hundreds of 12 to 18 year olds work with businesses in a series of creative workshops which investigate the changing face of business, from local sustainable business models to cutting edge technologies.

The project emerges from the background challenges of youth unemployment, skill shortages and, the need to develop low carbon, resilient communities. 

Overall, Your Green Future will support the local community becoming a sustainable, low carbon economic environment in which businesses flourish, communities thrive and individuals have the opportunity to reach their potential.

“It was an eye opening experience.” Student

"Thanks again for organising such a fantastic event!" Teacher

"It is a great way to meet colleagues in other industries and see what they are doing to tackle similar issues in the same subject area." Virgin Trains

“A very engaging event that provides the younger population with the correct thought processes for not only sustaining the world’s future but sustaining their own future. Students were very engaged and interested in the companies participating in the event and their overall knowledge and thought processes were very good! Overall a brilliant event.”  Jaguar Land Rover

"Hugely worthwhile in promoting STEM in both further education and careers. All students found the sessions engaging and there was something for every interest and ability." Teacher

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