A Billion Mary's Meals

A charity the Rotary Club of Billericay has supported over the long term has reached an enviable milestone - over a BILLION meals served to children worldwide

A Billion Mary's Meals

Loaves and fishes...

the biblical  tale of feeding the starving

Mary's Meals (https://www.marysmeals.org.uk) is a charity that supplies hot meals once a day to over 1.2 million school children in the less developed world every day, and they do it for under £14 a year – yes under £14 a year!  And the meals are provided at school, so they achieve a double purpose, not only feeding the hungry, but ensuring the children go to school to get their meal.

Our club has supported this charity every year for over six years, and will continue to do so, collecting money from club members at every meeting every week.  So how delighted we are to join the celebrations of an organisation that has just hit the Billionth meal to those in need.

One billion meals – what a record!

The target was reached with a dish of vegetable curry and rice served to 12-year old Mohsin at an informal education centre in in Noida, India. He and his classmates marked this joyful occasion with dancing and singing.

Mohsin’s mother is so ill that he has to sell rat poison at the local market after school to help support his family. Like so many other children, Mohsin relies on Mary's Meals for his guaranteed daily meal.

Life Comes Back

He says: “From the food we get strength. It's like life comes back to my body.”

Every school day in India, almost 20,000 children – and more than 1.2 million around the world – find hope in the classroom with Mary’s Meals.

Mary's Meals message to Rotary: "We thank you for your incredible support and we look forward to the next billion meals and making children smile and realise just how important they are."