A 2017 Race Night

70 participants enjoyed a very successful Charity Race Night at Laindon - 8 Races, 8 horses each, but ... we didn't get enough winners! Never mind - the charities were the real winners!

A Racing Certainty (or Not)

The Rotary Club of Basildon and of Basildon Concord got together to organise a very successful Charity Race Night on October 7, 2017, at Steeple View Community Centre, Laindon.

Club members Patrick Rothon and Peter & Wendy Greene went along to support them, and to meet up with our friends and fellow Rotarians from these two clubs. A great time was had by all. 

The evening started with an explanation of the process. There were 8 races, each with 8 horses in each.  Before each race the Tote was opened and tickets sold.  Participants all had a Race Card of the races and the runners, and could bet on any number of horses at a standard bet of £1.  With bets placed at the Tote, there was a film introduction of each horse, a prediction of who was likely to do well, and  .... They were off!  Real races chosen at random so nobody would know in advance who would win, were shown on screen as the audience of nearly 70 participants cheered their chosen horses on.

How did we do?

Peter had two winners, Wendy had two winners, and Patrick had four!  It could have been five if his horse hadn't fallen at the last fence in Race 5!  Still, it was all in aid of charity so we were all pleased with the results.

In Race 6, there was an opportunity to sponsor a horse of your own.  No surprises that "The Stripper" ridden by Patrick O'Tassel was a runner, but sadly he wasn't placed.

Hot food was then served (Fish or Chicken and Chips) and quickly eaten, before the final two races were run. A great evening, well run and raising much needed money for Charity.

Well done Basildon clubs!