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Sport & Social/ Rotary Rough Golf Weekend 2017 (7 October 2017)

Golf but not as you know it.......

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Some 30 Rotarians, partners and guests travelled to Herm at the weekend to take part in our annual Rough Golf challenge weekend. This consisted of two nights where we were privileged to have the Island almost to ourselves as The White House offers us exclusive use of the hotel, marking the end of their letting season.  Akin to an end of term party!

If you do not know what Rough Golf entails please scroll through these brief pictures. The game does involve ONE golf club each and a little round ball. But thereafter the similarities with the recognized game of golf rapidly fade. It is certainly not onerous, hardly serious and definitely not the jealously guarded preserve of check sweaters and the ‘plus fours’ (although Terry Andrew did show wearing an alarmingly bright white pair of golf shoes!).

Those arriving early on Friday saw Herm at its very best. Blue waters and clear air bathed in warm sunshine. The golf conditions were a little less clement the following day as we faced a heavy sky and strengthening winds. At least most teams completed the course before the rains came. Save one of our ladies team who were clearly being hampered by Art Leadbeater’s help and tuition, arriving back in the bar some 60 minutes after the remainder. Art, exactly what was going on out there?

The course and competition were set once again by Art and the quizzing in the afternoon was provided by Jan Leadbeater. Many thanks to them both – we all had a fabulous time.

Two Gourmet dinners were splendidly provided by the Hotel’s skeleton catering staff and Saturday’s meal was followed by a rather light-hearted prize giving.

We do not propose to announce prizewinners here to spare blushes. But suffice it to say most people are there to enjoy the fun and a sensible handicap system is still under development!

On Sunday morning we left Herm as we arrived – smooth seas, sun and the Islands looking their best!

Thanks Art & Jan – another great social event, well delivered! And eat your heart out, St Andrew’s, the Bailiwick is where it is really at !!!