Baby 'starter kits'

For new mum's attending the Mellow Bumps at Bright Beginnings, Rotary Guernesiais has put together 'baby starter kits'

Starter Kits


At Rotary Guernesiais, we believe that every child deserves a bright beginning in life. Our commitment to serving the local community drives us to make a positive impact on the lives of families in Guernsey. One of our essential initiatives is the provision of Baby Starter Kits which are supplied through Bright Beginnings to support new parents during this special and challenging phase of life.


Our Mission


Rotary Guernesiais is dedicated to making a difference by engaging in community-driven projects. We understand the importance of fostering a nurturing environment for the next generation, and our Baby Starter Kits exemplify this commitment. Our aim is to ensure that every newborn in Guernsey receives a warm and caring welcome to the world.


What Are Baby Starter Kits?


Our Baby Starter Kits are thoughtfully designed packages filled with essential items to assist new parents in their journey of parenthood. Each kit contains carefully selected products that cater to the basic needs of newborns, ensuring a safe and comfortable start to life.


Contents of the Baby Starter Kits

  1. Clothing Essentials: Soft and cozy clothing items, such as onesies, rompers, socks, and hats, are included to keep the baby comfortable and warm.
  2. Hygiene Supplies: We provide necessary hygiene items like diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, lotion, and a baby brush to promote cleanliness and health.
  3. Feeding Accessories: Our kits feature feeding essentials like feeding bottles, pacifiers, and bibs, helping parents in nurturing their little ones.
  4. Blankets and Swaddles: We include soft blankets and swaddles to provide warmth and comfort, creating a soothing environment for the baby.
  5. Toys and Books: We believe in promoting early learning, so our kits also include age-appropriate toys and books to stimulate the baby's senses and encourage cognitive development.

How Does It Work?


Parents who are in need of assistance can reach out to Bright Beginnings. Once their need is verified, Bright Beginnings will ensure discreet and respectful delivery of the Baby Starter Kits, sparing them any additional burden during their already challenging time.


Supporting Bright Futures:

By providing these Baby Starter Kits, Rotary Guernesiais aims to empower parents and create a strong foundation for the healthy growth and development of the next generation. We believe that by supporting families, we can build a stronger and more caring community for all.


Get Involved:

If you share our passion for making a difference and believe in the power of giving back, we invite you to join us at Rotary Guernesiais. Together, we can continue to provide bright beginnings for newborns and make a lasting impact on our community.

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