End Polio Now (12 July 2018)

Supporting End Polio Now

Although often thought of as a thing of the past, polio is a real threat to us all until the disease is wiped out everywhere for ever.  Whilst it is still only endemic in 3 countries in the world mass immunisations still have to continue in over 60 ‘at risk’ countries with over 2 billion doses of oral vaccine administered every single year.

We must continue to vaccinate our children here in Guernsey, where the last wild poliovirus case was in 1959.  It is also important to remember that polio has no cure and the impact of it on survivors is life long and many also suffer even more in later life with worsening symptoms from post polio syndrome.

The two Rotary clubs in Guernsey, (Guernesiais and Guernsey) working together to help Rotary End Polio Now and forever are delighted to have been given the opportunity for a special charity screening of this uplifting and inspiring film.

Many thanks to Appleby (Guernsey) LLP for sponsoring the event, to The Mallard Cinema for all the help they are giving us, and to Melody Press Printers for their ongoing support.

If you want to find out more about how you can help Rotary to raise vital funds and awareness for this campaign, where only 20 pence can literally save the life of a child, then please email Rtnjannine@icloud.com.

On Friday 2nd March 2018 help Rotary by taking part in our annual Purple Pinkie Day, dress purple, dye your hair purple, paint your nails purple, sell purple cakes or whatever purple themed fun ideas your imagination can come up with!

If you missed the event click HERE for the film trailer.

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