Air traffic control & aviation

Wed, Apr 25th 2018 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Talk by Malcolm Judge @ Downe Arms


Malcolm Judge

On the 25th April Malcolm Judge came to the club and gave an excellent and informative presentation on his role as an Air Traffic Controller. He also touched on his earlier post as a BA pilot and took us through a quick history of flight although missing our local lad, George Cayley. His talk was largely based on Air Traffic Control and I learnt that they do still look out of their glass windows to check what is happening on the landing strip rather than solely relying on the computer screen. Interesting to note that through agreement worldwide all flights use GMT and English is the number one agreed language. Nationally they are experimenting with moving most of Air Traffic Control to Southampton.

Sorry, I don’t remember much more other than passenger flights normally come in at a maximum angle of 3 degrees; it often feels steeper to me. If you want to know more you should have been there, I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tom Potter

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