Nepal Trip 2017

Rotarians from several clubs visit the Nepal water projects.

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Rotarians from Dorchester Casterbridge and Portland Rotary Clubs have recently returned from a trip to Nepal. The clubs have been working together with the Dorchester Poundbury club and the Okhle Village Trust on constructing water storage and distribution systems in villages in an isolated region of Nepal. Richard Brind, Mark Townsend, Barrie Campbell, Celia Canter, Cliff Elliott and Liz Clark visited the group of villages which are in the middle hills approximately 100km west of Kathmandu. They visited the villages of Yangsin, Dunge and Bharang where last year they have funded the construction of a storage tank together with a supply from a spring and distribution taps at various points in the villages. The new system ensures that no house is more than 100m from a tap which supplies clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. Previously a round trip to collect water from the next village could take 50 minutes and involve a considerable ascent. The villagers who are subsistence farmers can now spend their time more productively and their children who were previously involved in fetching water can go to school. The Rotarians also visited other villages where water systems are planned to be constructed this year. The trip was rounded off with a trek in the Annapurna region.