Ray's New Year President's Newsletter

Catch up with all the latest news from the President!

A VERY happy new year to each and every one of our members – it seems hard to imagine that I am already half way through my year in office, but there’s certainly plenty more fun and excitement to come in the months ahead!

It’s been a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas, starting with am extremely successful race night at the Withington Village Hall. We had great support from people taking the chance to become video racehorse owners and equally from those who sponsored the races. That made sure that the money we made on the night all added to the profit from the evening and everyone had a great time watching the races and trying to be a master tipster. There was so much hard work going on that night to make the evening a success – none more so than from our Master of Ceremonies Rob Soutar – and we made a fantastic sum of more than £1,650 for our charity fund. A great result and a great night out.

Unfortunately, the weather was rather unkind on the day of our Christmas lunch, with a heavy if very seasonal fall of snow meaning that all of the hard work done by Richard Hammonds came to nothing. The one positive was that we had a bumper turnout at the Bay Horse for our evening festive dinner the following week to enjoy great company and terrific entertainment. Once again Rob Soutar was to the fore, this time with great support from Bobbie Heavens, Jimmy Morrison and Colin Hunt.

The multi-talented Mr Soutar was to be found turning his hand to the culinary arts when we convened after Christmas for a breakfast meeting back at the Withington Village Hall. Rob and Kevin Hewison did a fantastic job preparing breakfast for the 40 or so members, family and friends in attendance with Phil Gorringe making sure everyone’s plates were loaded up as an extremely efficient master of ceremonies. Party games and a draw helped to add more than £450 to the funds – another fantastic result and proof, as if we needed it, that fundraising can also be great fun.

Some of our members are now preparing for a trip of a lifetime – heading off to India where the annual polio vaccination is taking place at the end of January. There will surely be many memories to bring back – we’ll look forward to hearing about it on their return. It’s worth point out here, too, that members turned out for a bucket shake at the Courtyard which raised more than £200 for the battle against Polio.

It’s worth pointing out here, too, that members turned out for a bucket shake at the Courtyard which raised more than £200 for the battle against Polio.

Now, we’re also turning our attention to our big fundraiser of the year – the annual duck race. Our committee, under the guidance of John Tallis, are already working hard to ensure that this important event continues to be the massive success it always is. By now, you should all have your duck race tickets – please try to make sure that you sell the ones allocated to you, and any more if you can. It’s such an important day for us, we all need to put all of our efforts into ensuring that it’s a big success.