Rotary Promoting Stroke Awareness

Rotary Promoting Stroke Awareness – Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Some years ago, Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and the Stroke Association teamed up to promote awareness of Stroke and the importance of having regular blood pressure tests. The Rotary Clubs of Hounslow and Heston & Isleworth partnered up and have regularly participated by taking a stand in the Treaty Centre, engaging volunteer medical staff, and encouraging members of the public to come and have their blood pressures taken, at the same time, distributing Stroke Association leaflets detailing the dangers of Stroke, the warning signs, and importance of understanding the factors that can cause stroke.

 Over half of all strokes can be caused by high blood pressure.  As well as having a blood pressure check, local residents in Hounslow will also receive advice on steps to keep it under control and reduce their stroke risk.

 We regularly undertake 250 blood pressure tests on our Stroke Awareness days. Many instances have been identified where stroke may be a danger and result in a recommendation of a visit to the GP.

In 2019 we were supported by medics from the Heart if Hounslow Medical Centre, plus Rotarian Arvind, and Folu Odu who were kept busy throughout the period from start (9.30am) until closure (4.30pm).

Rotarians’ role was primarily to encourage people to have their BPs measured, but there was a lot of hard work setting up and closing down our stand in the Treaty Centre.

The Stroke Association had initiated some changes this year to the forms and procedures for completing them. It is surprising how long it can take to complete these forms and despite the medics being occupied and busy the whole day, there were a lot less BPs recorded than in previous years.

There were 152 BPs taken on the day (55% men and 45% women) across a varied age range. Some were already receiving medication for cardiac issues, and a few had already suffered a stroke.

As a result of the BP testing, 32% received a recommendation that they see their GP within the next month, and 4% received a recommendation to see their GP within 7 days.

We have undertaken a KYBP day now for many years now. It is always a worthwhile and enjoyable event where Rotarians can be seen by the public, fulfilling a  community need, not necessarily seeking

to relieve them of their loose change. 

Well  done to everyone who took part, especially our friends from the Heart of Hounslow.

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