The Hidden Gardens of Frampton

Mon, May 7th 2018 at 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

See the treasures of the village gardens - and linked with the village Scarecrow festival.

Come and view some of the beautiful gardens at Frampton on Severn and finish your visit with tea and cake in the village hall!

And you did come - thank you for your support!  We realy hope that you had a great afternoon.


Each year Stonehouse Rotary  earmarks a significant proportion of the money raised through their  Hidden Gardens event,  to benefit Frampton on Severn to recognize the hard work put in by the local gardeners who are prepared to open their great gardens for this event. 

Over the years, donations have supported the Cricket Club,  the Frampton Youth Football club, the Village Hall, the Cadbury Hall, St Mary’s Church, the Congregational  Church, the Children’s Playground, local Scout Groups  and has funded two replacement bench seats on the Green.

Money raised through  this year’s event has been distributed to three good causes.

The Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue hospital and accommodation centre  in Frampton, run by Jo Bisley.  Go and look at their web site  and learn about their excellent work.

Then there is Jane Bolton’s Swan Rescue initiative.  This is intended to provide  a solution to the now, all too familiar annual occurrence, of Frampton’s resident swans having their eggs stolen just as they are about to hatch.  A pair of swans feature on the Frampton-on-Severn coat of Arms.  For many years, swans have raised their families on the pond on Frampton Green.  Our poor old elderly, limping Cob, sadly did not return after last Winter.    Unfortunately  he and his successor,  seemed disinclined  to take advantage of the small island in the large pond, choosing instead to construct their nest near the bank.  It is hoped a solution has been found for 2019.

Finally, the Village Hall will benefit with a boost to their funds, in order to complete the re-covering  of  some  of the  chairs.   Unfortunately over time, the upholstery  has worn through on many of them.  This is due to their regular use, but also the effects of repeated stacking, which cannot be avoided.   From what I have seen, those that have been repaired so far look splendid indeed, in a closely matching blue material.

Once again we are very grateful to all those gardeners who work so hard to proudly display their efforts to the general Public.  Thus enabling us to raise the funds that support our many Frampton good causes.

We look forward to facilitating next year’s Hidden Gardens event, planned for the Spring Bank Holiday  - Monday 6th May.

Bryan Webster

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