Treasure finds in Buckinghamshire

A talk by Brett Thorn

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Brett Thorn is the Keeper of Archaeology at the Bucks County Museum in Aylesbury and he joined us to talk about some of the exciting treasure finds that have been made in the County over the years. He explained that the term “treasure” relates to artefacts of value which are aged more than 300 years. The museum’s collection includes a fantastic array of rings, coins and adornments connected with period dress and sword fittings, many going back to Roman times. Most items are valued at sums of between £20 and £1000, with the Museum having to raise funds to purchase items that are offered to it by those who have found the treasure. The Museum’s most notable collection comprises over 5000 Anglo Saxon coins which were found near Lenborough and in pristine condition. These have been valued at £1.4M. Brett was thanked for a highly informative illustrated talk.