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Sport & Social/ Social Committee Delivers Again....Literally (22 February 2018)

A visit to Guernsey Post

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The Club POSTED a FIRST CLASS out-meeting this week when the Social Committee DELIVERED an early morning excursion to Guernsey Post’s sorting office.

Everyone put themselves out to make this a very special tour. Even the morning post plane went technical on the mainland, delaying its arrival until shortly before the eye watering early start of the tour at 7.30am. The group of 21 Rotarians and their guests were therefore able to follow the path of the incoming post on its entire journey from arrival into the yard until final sorting and into the vans for delivery.

A couple of Rotarians with ‘troublesome’ addresses were able to see first hand just how much of a challenge Guernsey’s quaint road naming habits are for the posties.  Other Rotarians were pleased that their spouses were not present to be influenced by the huge volumes of home shopping parcels and packets that now subsume so much of the Post Office’s work.

General approval was shown of the Post Office's new fleet of Electrically powered vans having regard to the need to innovate to face the challenges of the future. Even at this early hour, eyes lit up on learning the low cost-per-mile of this new technology. 

Our final stop was with the executive in charge of Philatelic Services where the convoluted path to get Royal Sign-Off of new and commemorative stamp issues was explained.

The tour was bracketed by a shot of coffee on arrival to get us going and ended with a very welcome bacon bap in the staff canteen. All in all a most informative and enjoyable couple of hours.

Well done Guernsey Post.

Our thanks to, CEO, Boley Smilie who gave up his time to accompany and inform us and to his team of colleagues who equally went out of their way to make us so welcome.