BIllericay Town Rotary Quiz Night 2018

Rotary Club of Billericay Town Quiz Night raises over £700 for Charity

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Second to (n)one - Again

A great evening out at the Rotary Club of Billericay Town’s Quiz Night, all in aid of Charity.

A cold Saturday night but a warm hall packed with participants and Rotary was well represented with participants from our club, Billericay Mayflower and District 1240, all joining the throng.  Patrick Rothon, Mike and Liz Sinclair, Mike and Sue Ginn and Peter and Wendy Greene all went along to represent us at this, the new Rotary Club of Billericay Town’s first fundraiser – a quiz night at the WI Hall on Saturday 10 March

We wanted to support this first venture of the new club and we were glad we did, all of us having a great time.  There were 12 tables of roughly 8 people per team, and the quiz followed the usual format.  Eight rounds of 10 questions each, one table competition of three sheets and 50 questions, and a Joker to be played on one round which doubled the score for that round.  Unusually, you could wait until you saw how you’d done before playing your joker – much better than having to guess a round where you expected to do well and commit the joker before seeing the questions.  At half way we were leading, but in the end, we had to settle for 2nd. place overall, one point behind the winners – not bad for a scratch team.

A Senior Moment

After an introduction and thanks for supporting its first venture, President Lynn Talbot opened the event, and we were off!  First four rounds, then an intermission when the food arrived.  No queuing up to get your order – no, the food was delivered already split for each table’s competitors - so well organised!  Mark Chambers was the question master, and Nick Lang drove the system which recorded and displayed the scores after each round.  (A preview of our Soapbox Derby, because Nick has also written the system which will record and display the scores at our event in May. was delivered to each table.)  Finally a further four rounds, ending with a biscuit tasting round - Don't Ask!

A great success, proceeds of the raffle and entries for the Quiz raised £727 for Charity – not bad for an evening’s work.

Well done Rotary Club of Billericay Town.