Members of Wadebridge Rotary Club attend the President's Night of Lostwithiel Rotary Club

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Lostwithiel President's Night

Wadebridge Rotary members had a great time at Rotary Club of Lostwithiel's President's Night on Saturday night (10th March). Vietnamese food at the Westberry Hotel was followed by speeches and dancing, led by Lostwithiel President Clive Littleton. You can see him, still wearing chain of office, directing matters from the middle of the floor. You can also see Clive Robinson and Wayne Mitchell (rear centre) and Sally Vannoey (front centre), but Yvonne Robinson, Ann Mitchell and Roy Vannoey are clearly elsewhere at this moment. (Kevin Smith was taking the photo, and cannot be held be responsible for their whereabouts.)

Clive, Wayne and Roy were three of the Wadebridge club (along with Stuart Hutchison and Ian Thurtle) who became friends with Clive Littleton on the OPT trip to Kosovo in three ambulances a couple of years ago, and took matters well beyond the call of duty on this evening by joining him in a song about it.

Thanks, Clive L and Lostwithiel.