Yellowmen Visit to Kenya - March 2018

Another Successful Trip for Senlac Rotary’s Yellowmen

Ten Yellowmen from the Rotary Club of Senlac returned in early March from northwest Kenya where they had spent two weeks in the Pokot region continuing the work in the villages they have supported for the past 14 years. The Yellowen are a group made up of Senlac Rotarians and professionals and are named by the locals because the yellow shirts worn by the team. During the course of their visits they have built clinics and hospital and school accommodation blocks, taken many school supplies and given educational seminars, and provided £1000’s of medicines, provided treatment and medical advice. During the latest visit two buildings have been finished save for the roofs which will be done in September, and a third building needs only a roof once funds are available

The Yellowmen support some 25 schools in the area and took with them a large amount of books and materials including a study book written by the education team to guide teachers in lesson delivery of set books. Seminars were held in teaching and learning techniques and a full programme of school visits was undertaken. Organiser Eddie McCall reported, ”The feedback from teachers and older pupils was pleasing and the evidence we got from classroom visits and teacher observation shows the Yellowmen are making a difference. Despite Pokot being one of the poorest of counties in Kenya it is the only one whose results continue to be good despite the poverty in the district.”

The medical team delivered medicines to five clinics and a hospital and Eddie said, “At least two clinics said we provided at least 70% of their supplies and the others rely on the Yellowmen to eke out the meagre supplies from official sources.” Two of the nursing team ran a day clinic in one clinic and on another occasion saw, diagnosed and treated 245 patients in one day. One nurse delivered a session on infection control and sessions about menstruation were given to several girl’s schools. Baby clothes taken by the team were passed on to the local maternity hospital. Thanks to modern technology a photo of a patient’s eye was sent to the Yellowmen’s consultant optician in the UK who was then able to diagnose the condition.

Eddie, summing up the trip, said” It was again a very rewarding visit, we are able to help so many and it is gratifying to be able to see what difference we are making to the area. If we had more people and money available we would be able to do so much more.”  If you would to help, make a donation or contact Eddie you can get in touch through Senlac Rotary’s secretary or the website details of which are below.

More information about the Yellowmen may be found on their website