Ready-Readers for Kenya

Yellowmen to take Ready-Readers to Kenya –Thanks to Local Opticians

More people in the Pokot region of north-west Kenya will have the means to read in future; whilst most know how to read their eyesight is affected badly by the climatic conditions in the area where they live affecting their ability to see properly. Thanks to the work of Jeremy Heynes, the Managing Director of the opticians, Barracloughs, over two hundred Ready-Readers will be taken to Pokot when Senlac Rotary’s Yellowmen next go in September. Jeremy contacted suppliers and persuaded them to donate some to the Yellowmen cause. Dave Walker of Bondeye and Barry Dibble of Dibble Optical were both generous in their donations. Jeremy was pleased with the result, “I am happy that I was able to get some Ready-Readers for the Pokot people. I have heard so much about them from my former colleague, Peter Styles, who was a partner in the practice until his retirement and is a Yellowmen himself”

Senlac Rotarian and Yellowmen Peter Styles has been to Kenya several times in the past and ran an optical clinic when he was there. Sadly Peter is unable to go any more but he said he has been consulted by “WhatsApp” for his opinions since. Yellowmen organiser, Eddie McCall said, “It’s going to be a great help to so many of the people, There will be a big queue when they know we have them but we will arrange for the Ready-Readers to be distributed through the clinics and hospital.”


 1. Jeremy Heynes presents the Ready-Readers to Eddie McCall, left, and Peter Styles, centre

2. Some of the Ready-Readers