Mon. Eve. Feb 11th - Old time music hall - Norman Nuttall

Mon 11th February 2019 at 18.30 - 20.30

Norman is a regular and funny speaker at Rotary meetings. Come and hear him talk about Old Time Music Hall

Music hall is a type of British theatrical entertainment that was popular from the early Victorian era, beginning around 1850. It ended, arguably, after the First World War, when the halls rebranded their entertainment as Variety.[1] Perceptions of a distinction in Britain between bold and scandalous Victorian Music Hall and subsequent, more respectable Variety differ. Music hall involved a mixture of popular songs, comedy, speciality acts, and variety entertainment.[2] The term is derived from a type of theatre or venue in which such entertainment took place. American vaudeville was in some ways analogous to British music hall,[3] featuring rousing songs and comic acts.

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