Forbes Reef School, Swaziland

Keith Fossey is Chairman of the Swaziland Schools Project charity which actively supports schools there with hands-on projects.

Apart from the generic front picture the rest are from various stages of the progress at Forbes Reef school in the HhoHho district of Swaziland.

Keith writes about the pictures, "Here are pics of children waiting for a show to start and others performing a traditional warrior dance at Forbes Reef Primary School. Then are some members of the community digging the hole for the new long drop toilets we are building. Finally there's me inspecting the hole!"

NB This was soon after Keith's replacement knee op.

There are pictures from mid-June with the classrooms just 'coming out of the ground'. All done in just two days.

And now there are a couple more from early July showing the walls going up.

8th August - 5 more pics of the 2 new classrooms and Keith's ever-popular long-drop toilets.

26th September - a couple more pictures added. It looks like the new block has a roof.

11th October - Here's a photo received today of the Forbes Reef School classrooms being built in part with NV money. They will be constructing an apron/pavements and then the outside will be painted. Definitely ready for the new academic year starting in January.

31st October - Floors concreted and walls plastered, with lowered ceilings and lighting to follow.

17th November - Up date on progress from the local, supervising contact, "We are painting the last buildings at Forbes Reef Primary School. Painting of toilets is finished.  Workers are now painting the two classrooms block, which is the last building to be painted.  See attached pictures. By end of this month, the workers will be leaving Forbes Reef Primary School.

"The school buildings and teachers' houses look beautiful. Teachers and community members like the work done. Community members are pleased that they participated in the construction by digging foundation and toilet pits, which reduced work for our builders."

25th November - The builders have left the site now and are at our next project site. Only painters are left at Forbes Reef Primary School and they are painting the two classrooms block, which is the last building to paint. The toilets are finished. I have attached pictures of the toilets, the building that is being painted and one picture of the school, that shows how the school looks. Teachers and community members are happy; they appreciate renovations and painting of the school and are very grateful.

5th December - Final pictures of the work at Forbes Reef - painters are about to finish the two classrooms block building at Forbes Reef. Once they finish the building, they will paint doors and door frames of the toilets. They should finish everything by the end of next week.
Wiring will also be completed this week as electrician is on site with the painters.

The rest of workers have moved to Salakutjelwa/Gundwvini (see separate updates on this).  They are preparing the toilet pit and should should start building next week.  Cement blocks have been delivered. Build-It staff advised us that they will deliver more material tomorrow.

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