2019 Soapbox Derby/ Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

We would like to thank our major sponsors, mostly local companies, for their contributions to the event, the 2019 Billericay Spectacular Charity Soapbox Derby. Other sponsors in-kind are also much appreciated.

This year we will again be running 3 categories of Soapbox:-

  • Student - including Schools and Colleges, (Dads, Mums and Friends may help build the cart), Drivers should be 12 years to 21 years old. Cash prizes and Trophies will be presented to the winners.

  • Corporate - Police, Fire Services, Institutions, Shops, Industry, etc. Trophies will be presented to winners.

  • Wacky Racers - Creative Wacky looking soapboxes. Trophies will be presented to the winners based on the team’s dramatic performance, and the quality of the soapbox and the crowd’s reaction. So why not get started making a creative wacky soapbox...

All Categories will be judged on 1/3 Team Performance, 1/3 The Soapbox, 1/3 Spectator’s Reaction. There will be a separate Trophy and Cash Prize for the fastest three Soapboxes across all Categories, also a separate Trophy for the best constructed Soapbox across all Categories.



Entry fee is £55 (Non-Refundable) per soapbox with an expectation that each team raises at least £100 in sponsorship for Soapbox Derby Charities. (In 2018 many teams exceeded this figure with one team raising over £1200). The Entry Fee is subject to review at the end of August 2018 and may increase.

Entry Packs:

The Entry Pack of Entry Forms, Sponsorship Forms, Rules & Regulations and Waiver documents, can be requested either on-line or by post to Mike Sinclair (Address below) with a cheque made out to Rotary Club of Billericay for £55 per entry (as above)

Completed Forms:

When you have completed your Entry Form, please scan it and email a copy to contact@billericaysoapbox.co.uk, or return it by post or in person to either:

Mike Sinclair
Buttsbury Lodge, Stock Road, Stock, Essex, CM4 9JP. Mobile: 07836 207888
Malcolm Acors
C/O Acors Press, 3 Molineaux Court, Radford Way, Billericay, Essex, CM12 0BT. Tel: 01277 622991

Malcolm Acors     T: 01277 622991
Ed Harrison    T: 01277 655081


  1. Four crew members per Team (one must be Captain)

  2. Maximum of 1 driver per soapbox, per run (NO Passengers)

  3. Every driver must wear a recognized BSA approved helmet (no bicycle helmets please), trousers, long sleeved top, protective footwear, gloves and knee and elbow pads (no bare arms, legs or skin).
    No exceptions to this rule.

  4. The racing number assigned by the organisers (The Entry Form Number) must be fixed to both sides of your soapbox, visible for all to see.

  5. No team will be allowed to compete under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

  6. Teams must follow the instructions of the safety officials, marshals and the race committee.

  7. Any team that does not come to the Starting Line at the correct time or when called to do so by the Marshals, will, at the Race Marshal’s discretion, have 5 seconds added to its timing and 5 points deducted from the Judges scores

  8. ALL ENTRANTS TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK. Any competitor wishing to insure themselves against claims and also provide some accident cover should make their own arrangements. Sportscover Direct specialise in insurance for active people and will cover competitors taking part in properly organised soap box racing events.

  9. All members of the Team must sign, at scrutiny, a declaration absolving the organisers from any and all responsibility.

  10. All 12-17 years old (Inclusive) must be accompanied at ALL times by a parent or guardian at scrutiny, practice and racing (see disclamer).

  11. It is the responsibility of each Team Captain to ensure the safety of his/her Team. Team Captains will be required to sign a declaration to this effect.

  12. In all matters relating to the Soapbox Derby, the Committee's/Judges’/Time Keeper’s ruling is final.

  13. Entries are limited to three categories:-
    Corporate - Police, Fire Services, Institutions, Shops, Industry, etc.
    Student - including Schools and Collages, ages 12 to 21 years old.
    Wacky Racers - Creative wacky looking soapboxes

  14. All categories will be judged on: 1/3 Team Performance - 1/3 The Soapbox - 1/3 Spectator’s Reaction.
    Team Performance = 20 - 30 second act prior to race.
    The Soapbox = Soapbox appearance.
    Spectator’s Reaction = Applause from the crowd.

  15. To be eligible for a prize, a soapbox has to complete at least one run under its own power (not carried part of the way by its team members)

  16. If more than one team in awarded equal scores by the Judges, then the team with the fastest time will be judged the winner

  17. All drivers must be fit and well / healthy with no medical conditions and must not be pregnant. A disclaimer must be signed at scrutineering.


  1. Should not exceed 110kg in weight (not including the driver).

  2. Should not exceed 1.5m in width.

  3. Chassis clearance should be no higher than 30cm from the ground.

  4. Wheel base from front axle to back axle should not exceed 2.5m.

  5. Wheel's diameter should not exceed 67cm.

  6. Should not have any mechanical parts to increase its speed (no catapults, pedals, jet or any other engines).

  7. Must have a rigid steering system (no ropes).

  8. Must have a back two wheel braking system, as a minimum.

  9. Must not have any smoke or fire devices fitted.

  10. Must not have any design elements to endanger themselves or the public (i.e. no sharp metal objects, mirrors or glass).

  11. The soapbox MUST have a solid floor.

  12. No part of the soapbox must extend beyond the width of soapbox (no dangerous projections).

  13. A soapbox derived from an existing chassis is permitted provided that it complies with the rules.

  14. All soapboxes should be designed to ensure no part of the soapbox, except the wheels, touches the ramp, jumps or road during its run.

  15. All soapboxes must have a towing eye front and back or means of attaching a tow rope.

  16. A soapbox not complying with the above specifications may be allowed to run if it complies with the safety regulations, but it will not be eligible for any of the prizes.


  1. Scrutineering will only be from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019 in the car park at the side of Unbar Rothon’s factory in Radford way.

  2.  The derby runs will start at Sun Corner, Billericay at 09.45 a.m.

  3. Timing will be electronic (Penalties: 8 seconds for each jump missed. Maximum is 15 seconds).

  4. Teams must assemble in the pits at Sun Corner Event Field by 08.30am. This will immediately be followed by the Drivers’ Briefing.

  5. Entry fee will be £55 per soapbox with the expectation that each team will raise in sponsorship at least £100 for the nominated Charities supported by Rotary. The Entry Fee is subject to review at the end of August 2018 and may increase.

  6. The race is open to all home-made soapboxes, all of which will race against the clock, one at a time. A start ramp will be in use. Once one soapbox has been removed from the circuit the next soapbox competitor will start.

  7. The fastest three soapboxes in either run will win an additional cash prize - See the “Prizes” document.

  8. All Racers will be judged on overall spectacle and performance for their category.

  9. The soapbox and all remains must be removed immediately after the soapbox run.

  10. Your fastest time will be your result.

  11. All soapboxes will be in Parc Fermé for 15 minutes at the end to allow for objections. If no objections are made, the Prize Giving will take place 15 minutes later.

  12. Download Documentation (Rules & Regulations) - click here
  13. Download Documentation (Prizes & Schedule) - click here

100% of ALL Profits raised will go to Local and International Charities supported by Rotary including:

International: Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Rotary's End Polio Now, Ciamanda Primary School, Kenya

Local: Little Havens Children's Hospice, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, Local Schools