Charter Night at Bentham Golf Club

On Thursday May 9th the club celebrated this special occasion at Bentham Golf Club. Our Guest Speaker was Gary Skyner.

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 Our Guest Speaker Gary Skyner was one of the first Thalidomide babies born in the UK. He was told that he wouldn't amount to much. This was a challenge he faced. 'You Can't You Won't' became the title of his book. 

He set out to prove to the world that he could do anything. For three years on the run he won Merseyside's King of Comedy award. He excelled at many things. Swimming Loch Lomond, playing football, driving, obtaining his pilots licence, were but a few of his successes. He also champions the cause of all those born with disbilities because of the drug Thalidomide.

Gary is an inspiration to us all, and proved an excellent and inspirational speaker.