Richmond (Yorkshire) Rotary Club Trust

Richmond (Yorkshire) Rotary Club Trust provides educational and/or training grants for young people. Next closing date: 31st March 2021



The Richmond Rotary Club Trust is a separate organisation administered by trustees appointed from Richmond Rotary Club.

The Trust exists to provide educational and/or training assistance through grants to young people under the age of 23 years who have been resident in the Rotary Club’s area for at least 2 years. 

The Trust can contribute towards further or higher education costs that will assist young people to enter a profession, trade or calling.  This could include for example financial assistance with outfits, clothing, tools, instruments, books or travel to pursue their education, profession or trade. 

The maximum grant available from the Trust is usually £500, but may be more in exceptional circumstances.


Applicants should complete the form which can be accessed by clicking the link below.  Please note that any grant given is specifically for the purpose stated on the application form and we may require that the grant is returned if the applicant cannot prove that it was used for that purpose.  There are two closing dates each year: 31 March and 30 September.  Applications will normally be considered by the Trustees and responded to within a month of these closing dates.  

Please click here to access the application form.


The personal information applicants provide will only be used for the purpose of assessment by the Trustees of Richmond Rotary Club Trust and will not be passed on to any other individuals or organisations.  There is a box on the application form which applicants should check to confirm their agreement for the use of their personal information in this way.