Community Service/ Chernobyl 2018 Overview

A Summary of our contributions to the visit of the 12 children from Ukraine brought here by the Chernobyl Children's Life Line

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When Innocence Is Bliss Thanks To Rotary

More reports on the visit of the Chernobyl Children showing just how have we helped to make their lives seem a little better, a little happier?

Extending Their Lives!

The six nine- or ten-year-old boys and girls on this trip were selected because they were identified as those most in need by community workers in the region.  It has been calculated that each visit by these children of four weeks gives the children another two years of life!

Welcome Party

Apart from the “Welcome Party and Barbecue”, which we reported elsewhere, our contribution to the rest of the visit was twofold.  We funded selected excursions during the four week stay.   This year it was:

  • Bowling on June 25,
  • Rope Runners on July 2, and
  • Bowling again on July 6.  

Not only that, but we also (in the person of elected president Les Sheppard) helped manage the trip to the Billericay Fire Station. Where much (wet) fun was had by them all!

Special Reports

We thought you might be interested in two reports – one of the Bowling visits, and the Fire Station visit, which are shown separately, and also the end of visit traditional farewell party at the community centre in Queens Park.  After the 45-minute video of the visit, thanks to Nick Lang, the children and guests tucked into pizzas, sausage rolls, snacks and crisps, plus a selection of soft drinks.  They had a lot of fun and entertained the audience of hosts, helpers and sponsors. Thanks to the exceptional Disk Jockey who had donated his time for free, and who led them through a series of dances and games, everybody had a brilliant time.  Their dancing to the disco was something to see!!