Community Service/ Chernobyl 2018 - Bowling Fun!

A report of one of the two visits to the Chelmsford Bowl sponsored by the Rotary Club of Billericay.

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A Striking Day Out...

Volunteering on an outing day is a fantastic way to get to know the children and to gain a deeper understanding of how impactful this trip is for them. It is exceptionally rewarding to spend this time with them and can we heartily recommend getting in touch with the charity to volunteer for a day.
On Monday June 25, with the sun shining brightly, the children boarded the minibus on course for Chelmsford.  The children chattered excitedly amongst themselves, anticipation mounting, as it approached Chelmsford City Bowl.

Near Misses

The venue had a modern, urban theme and was pumping out dance music, which the children loved.  They each played two frames with many strikes and spares (as well as a good handful of excruciatingly near misses - mostly taken in good humour!).

Despite the propensity of some of the children to employ a technique somewhat akin to the shot put, at least in the trajectory of the ball, the staff were attentive and helpful, scurrying down the lanes to reset pins or retrieve lost balls.   A great activity, with the children thoroughly enjoying themselves, whether their strategy was to throw the ball as hard as they could down the lane or roll it delicately towards the pins (will it reach...will it reach?).

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line Chairman Matthew Craig-Greene said “Our sincere thanks to the Billericay Rotary club for their generous sponsorship of this event.  I know that everyone had a great time!”.