Quilters RotaKids 2-18 World Cup Day

RotaKids raise money for RNIB on the theme of the Football World Cup, all on the day that England play their first match.

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World Cup Winners

The call -  “Our RotaKids Club is going to hold a World Cup themed day on June 18” said Helen Kilby, lead teacher for the RotaKids.  “Would you like to come along?”

Of course, we said yes!  “It was all the RotaKids idea, not only the theme of the day, but also all the activities designed to raise money for their chosen charity – RNIB – the Royal National Institute for the Blind”, said Helen.  “RNIB is the RotaKids chosen charity this year because one of the pupils at the school has serious sight problems, and the children wanted to do something for RNIB as a result.”

Football Kit

How did it happen?  Well, they wanted to do something “international” to raise money for their chosen charity.  Their theme - “It had to be the Football World Cup” they said.  And we could do it on the day that England play their first match”.  So that was it – all agreed.

All the children paid to come to school in football kit or appropriately themed dress, ready to take part in the varied activities throughout the school.  There was “Beat the Goalie” on the school field at 20p a go.  There was “Keepy-Uppy” on the playground, and themed competitions inside the school.

Flagging Up

One of these was “Put the flag on the country”.  A bit like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” we asked?  “Yes” said Alfie, “it was my idea and that’s what made me think of it”.

They had made a map of the world and cut out the flags of a dozen countries so children paid their money and selected a flag and pinned it on the map where they thought it should go.  (Emma, Fiona and Alfie were running the game and had marked the map with an invisible marker which they could see showing where the flags should go by shining a UV light on it. Great innovation!).

Another game was “Spot the Celebrity”.  It was my idea to do something about celebrities” said Jessica.  “and I thought of the challenge of which country they came from” said Esme.  Jessica and Esme had cut out a dozen photos of different stars, and had two copies of each.  The more difficult game was to identify the star and then say which country they came from.  The second set of photos had the stars’ names printed on them, just in case they didn’t know the faces, and this cost more to enter.

Total Participation

All the school took part, each year taking it in turns to participate in the challenges and games.  The result, a great total of £342.74 raised in just one day.  Well done Quilters!