/ Celebration time at Club evening meeting

Tue 27th November 2018 at 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

An evening for Youth with presentations from our RYLA delegate and two pupils from St. Mary's reviewing their time on the Bambisanani project. There was also time for a link to 'Days for Girls' and a trailer for Mary's Room.

Guiseley School's Leona Parry demonstrated in talking the audience through the week's activities just how her self confidence had been massively enhanced. Lucy Hings and Lily Humphreys from St. Mary's described their experiences in teaching Mnyakanya pupils about leadership through the medium of sport and how humbling and uplifting the experience had been. In Kwa Zulu Natal pupils with little eagerly grasp the opportunites education offers and recognise its true value.

Through 'Days for Girls' Aireborough Rotary has provided sanitary kits, made by Club members and friends to ensure pupils do not miss school during menstruation periods and will be providing a computer suite at the school to add information technology and all it offers to the curriculum.

It was also good on the night to hear that Benton Park's Amelia Lockwood had won the Leeds/Bradford heat of Young Chef and will now move on to the next round in York.

A more comprehensive version of this evening meeting is included further down the website at www.aireborough.rotary1040.org