Community Service/ 2018 Billericay Art Trail

Preview Party on Friday night launches the 2018 Billericay Art Trail.

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Catching To The Eye

And The 'Arts Delight!

Members will recall that we voted to support the Billericay Art Trail this year, and for many subsequent years, by funding the provision of new artist display boards for use during the annual Art Trail in Billericay.  Our donation of just under £400 procured the boards which the Art Trail organizers wanted, and these have already been used by the Mill Meadows Society a few weeks ago - so good to see the community profiting in this way.

We were invited to this year's Art Trail launch party on Friday September 7 at Billericay Library to help celebrate the event, along with other sponsors and supporters, to meet the artists and see the art on display. Packed event and exciting display boards. Drinks and light bites and the opportunity to see the library-based art on display. 

Town Culture

Organizer Jo Adshead introduced Basildon Council mayor David Dadd. He praised the organizers and said how strongly he supported innovations in the arena of the Arts, which added to the culture of the town, and Town Council Leader Jim Devlin, who praised the efforts of the organizers, and particularly of all the artists involved.
Jo closed the speeches by thanking the artists for their contributions, her committee for all the work they did and made a point of thanking the businesses who will host the art works around the town, and the sponsors including the Rotary Club of Billericay (by name) and the other serviuce clubs without whose contributions the event would not take place.

The art, so impressive, was a tribute to the quality of the artists living in our town.  Particularly noteworthy was a particularly “Fragile” mobile installation (see images above).