Palace of Westminster Visit 29th October 2018

Club outing to London

29th October 2018 saw a group of 40 Rotary Club members, spouses and others take a coach trip to the Palace of Westminster.  After an exciting tour of south Leicester and Fosse Park we eventually made it to the M1 for a journey south to London.  A slightly circuitious route in central London saw us arrive slightly late for a tour around the Palace of Westminster.

Our guide [on his last official tour] managed to ensure we entered both the Lords and Commons together with many other areas of the Palace to learn of both the history and day to day running of Parliament.  Lunch in the cafe was not, for many, the highlight of the day. We managed in addition a visit to the Chapel or St Mary, Undercroft being one of the few surviving parts of the original palace which is magnificently decorated.  

Our thanks go to Narinder Singh Pooni [senior parliamentary researcher] for organising the visit and to Neil O'Brien MP for finding time to speak to us and take questions in one of the committee rooms.  We hope the clock now tells the correct time.   All this despite it being budget day, an event that could not have been foreseen when the trip was arranged.

A fine day out and a good time had by all most of the time.

Roger Calvert 5th November 2018