Rotarians believe in the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. See this page for how we have put this into practice.

Our current international projects include:

Acting as the host sponsor for a student at Newcastle Uni

IDuring the academic year we will be looking after a student from the USA who, having rceived a grant from the Rotary Foundation, will be doing a 1 year MA Course in International Development and Education and aims to work with special needs pupils in Iraq.

Raising Funds for Humanitarian Work in Ukraine

In collaboration with other Rotary Clubs in the North of England we tare taking part in a sponsored walk aiming to cover the 80+ miles of the Hadrian's Way National Trail along the line of the Roman Wall in three hours. This will be achieved by splitting the walk into 17 sections and teams walking each section simultaneaously. The beneficiary of the funds we raise will be Shelterbox, a charity supplying  aid to residents of countries such as Turkey, Syria and Ukraine, where paople have been affected by natural or humanitarian disisater

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Projects that we have completed in the past include

Planting Trees in Tanzania

In association with the charity, Sustainable Global Gardens, we contributed to the planting of  over 2,000 trees on the slopes of Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania. Planting on Kilimanjaro and in West Kenya established the advantages of agroforestry for small scale farmers where trees can provide fruits for improving nutrition, fuel wood, fodder, shade and a supplementary income while maintaining good soil conditions on the farm. 

Provision of equipment for a health centre in Rwanda

Having received a visit and presentation from Dr James Derrick, a retired GP who is involved with the  a Health Centre in Rwanda, we raised funds and, with the help of a grant from Rotary Foundation, and were able to provide for the purchase of an untrasonic scanner for use in the maternity department. We also provided funds for a security fence for the centre.

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Gifts of books, computer equipment & clothing to a school in India

With the assistance of fellow members of our Club One of our members collected almost 200 boxes of textbooks and 85 boxes of clothing for children at a village School in India. as well as providing computers, monitors and printers for the school

Contribution of essential supplies and equipment for people affected by natural disasters

The Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne has, in recent years, funded twenty-five Shelterboxes that have been sent to area affected by disasters in various parts of the world, providing relief for 250 people.

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Providing equipment for a rehabilitation centre in Brazil

In co-operation with a Brazilian Rotary Club and with assistance from grants from The Rotary Foundation, a very substantial sum was raised to purchase capital equipment to set up a Rehabiliatation Centre called CREIA in that very small town, Cristais Paulista.

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Funding a clean water project in Peru.

The Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne helped to fund the building of a water tower in the Amazonian region of Peru to provide clean water for a training centre and local residents.

Equipping science laboratories for an Indian school

With the help of grants from Rotary International  the Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne, in partnership with the Rotary Cub of Morinda in India, funded the provision of three science laboratories for a school in the Punjab.

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The Object of Rotary was first formulated in 1910 and adapted through the years as Rotary's mission expanded. It provides a succinct definition of the organization's purpose as well as the club member's responsibilities.

Rotary Areas of Focus

Rotary is dedicated to seven areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. Read this page and the connected pages to see how we go about this.


One of our objectives is to make a difference in our local community. Here are some of the things we are doing and have done in the past to fulfil this objective.

A simple dental surgery with Brazilian Rotarians

Rotarians believe in the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. See this page for how we have put this into practice.


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THE ROTARY CLUB OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE TRUST FUND is a Registered Charity (Registered with the Charity commission of England & Wales, No. 702557)


CLUB PROJECTS COMMITTEE. The Projects Committee of the Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne is the main organising group of the Club and combines the functions of the previous Vocational Service; Community Service and International Service Committees.


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