2019 New RotaKids

A new school year and new members are invested in the Quilters and Buttsbury RotaKids clubs

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Taking the Pledge

A new school year and new members for the Quilters and Buttsbury RotaKids clubs.  In both schools, every year school children can put themselves forward for election to the new RotaKids Clubs and School Council, and the whole school votes to elect their chosen representatives. 

Our Pledge

On October 8, President Les Sheppard and Youth Service Chairman Mike Sinclair visited Quilters Junior School to meet the 2018/19 electees, induct them as new RotaKids, and give them their RotaKids badges. The following day the process was repeated for the RotaKids at Buttsbury Junior School.

Helen Kilby, the RotaKids coordinator at Quilters and Lauren Pretty, her equivalent at Buttsbury, introduced us to the children. Then each child came to the front to receive their badge from President Les, with the officers receiving a special badge identifying their role.

In addition, they all made the RotaKids pledge – “As a RotaKid, I endeavour to be fair to all, to serve my community and to show respect for others, to make a difference to our school, our community and our world”.   They all received their own pledge card.

Service Above Self

President Les reminded them of the achievements of last year’s RotaKids and said that we look forward to hearing their plans for this year.  In conclusion he hoped they would have a lot of fun doing their projects.

After the meeting President Les remarked “The Rotary Motto is ‘Service before Self’ and it is very good to see so many children eager to join the RotaKids club and help serve their school and their community.

We are looking forward to them helping us sell raffle tickets at the Christmas Market in aid of St Luke’s Hospice, ShelterBox and other charities supported by Rotary.”