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A talk by Kamren Irani

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The club received an inspiring and informative talk from Kamren Irani on the work of SERVOBN which is the branch of the motorcycle charity which covers Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bershire and Northamptonshire.

They are part of a nationwide group of volunteer bikers and they take medical products that are required for urgent patient care between hospitals and blood centres.  The National Blood Transfusion Service undertakes most of this work during the day but they run only a skeleton service in the evenings and weekends and this is when the riders are needed.

The local branch has a number of bikes which are designed specially for emergency services rogether with three 4 wheel drive vehicles.  The bikes are passed round between the volunteers so that whoever is on call has one at his house. They have a number of volunteer co-ordinators to whom requests are passed via a single phone number. All the bikes are fitted with GPS and trackers and the co-ordinators can see exactly where each bike is in real time and can ensure that it is following its pre-determined route.

Where products need to be transported beyond the boundaries of the region this is done by contacting other groups and they agree a place to hand over the product. 

The group have found a need for expressed baby milk to be collected from donors and transported to a processing unit with subsequent transportation to hospitals requiring this product.  This is usually done during the day so enables the bikes to be used more efficiently.

The group receive no government funding for their work and the riders receive no payment for all the work that they do.