Weekly Meeting at SCCC

Mon 11th February 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00

Moonraker Future

Sparse attendance of 35 members met to hear Pres Keith introduce a member of the Breakfast Club Martyn Davies, who had been invited by Phil Greenway as a representative of a Moonraker team for the past several years.

Moonraker Chairman Stuart Berry spoke of a “Crunch Time” for the Club, in that members of his Committee were finding it difficult, in its present composition, to prepare adequately for future events. This was such a huge source of Club Charity Funds,[70%], that if it were to fail, the Club would be doomed. He appealed for new blood, more volunteers, to join in and organise the many tasks which helped to make things run smoothly. 

Incoming Presidents Kathryn and Tony explained that they wanted Moonraker to succeed in their years in office, and had got together to draw up a list of responsibilities, which, broken down, could perhaps be undertaken at home, but together would ensure more members were involved. Because the event took place soon after the start of a new Rotary Year, it was essential for planning to start in the previous one.

An army of helpers on the day was needed, but so were bodies to prepare.

Phil Greenway had looked at various sites for 2019, but had plumped for the Broadgauge Business Park at Bishops Lydeard, who had offered facilities to us on the 5th October.

Roger Mason “offered an observation”- That Taunton Vale Rotary was not just about raising money, but contributed by service to the Community. We were NOT doomed.

Stuart Berry asked for emails to him offering help, which would be appreciated.


Will Coles has resigned. 

Kathryn asked for support for her nominated Charity for 2019-2020 which would be Arc-Inspire. [The Club had a presentation from Justin Roxburgh, the CEO, a few weeks ago] and this was ageed unanimously.

A board was sent round for the Queen’s Concert event on 5th March, where stewarding was required from 09.30.to 12.30, and Terry Rowcliffe asked for more volunteers for this 300-plus-attendance fun day. { Email to John Binns if not coming to next meeting.}

Malcolm Turner reminded the Club of the Opportunity Groups’ funding event “Take That Tribute Band” at the Octagon Yeovil, on 18th March, which he had promoted to everyone. and asked for more support. Book direct with Octagon. This will now be an OUT MEETING, and depending on numbers, a coach could be organised.

Ball Draw – wine only to Roger Mason.

Next Meeting – Monday 18th February at SCCC – d/r D Bartaby. Everyone to bring a laptop/tablet/smartphone for a Teach-in by the Comms Cttee.

Monday 25th February : d/r S Berry - Business Meeting.