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Rob's January Newsletter

Club President Rob Soutar

Rotary GB&I_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWS       January 2019

Happy New Year everyone.

I think most Rotarians were able to make one of our December meetings. There was a well-attended Christmas dinner at the Bay Horse. So much has been happening since then that I can’t really remember it. Nick and Tanya ran a quiz and I have a feeling I might have been part of the winning group because there were some chocolates.

I can, however, remember the lunch at Wormsley where we celebrated Alan and Bill completing 50 years as Hereford Rotarians. It is a pretty amazing feat. Both have been President of the club and have contributed widely to the club’s work. Richard with Derek had prepared a eulogy and there were some archive photos.

Richard Prime followed this up with a two-page spread in the Hereford Times extolling the club’s work over many years. If you have missed it, try to get sight of a copy.

There were then about forty people who came to Withington for breakfast and fellowship on 28th December. This will have made about £350 for Foundation/Polio and was good fun. Kevin B and Phil cooked, and a host of people helped with making coffee, clearing and washing up. Well done.

The new year started with a lunch meeting today. Paul gave a brief report on their Cambodia trip last week. The charity is using our money well. Luke and Bobby plan to put some photos together and give us a fuller report shortly. I was able to report that we have been awarded £500 as a District Grant towards our Cambodia funding. District point our that there are declining contributions to The Rotary Foundation which recycles money like this. With the current exchange rate, we need to find about £80 per head to keep supplying our $100 contributions!

At our next meeting, we have Lucy Barnett from Welsh Water talking and then two weeks later, Tanya will be giving her job talk.

As you probably know, a party of 13 sets off to Tanzania at the end of the month. A key reason was to visit St. Augustin’s Secondary School where we have contributed to the permaculture project etc. Sadly, we have heard the school is currently closed. The new President of Tanzania decreed that all secondary education would be free and that anyone attending non-state schools could not have grants for tertiary provision. Our school lost so many pupils it was no longer viable. The hope is that it will reopen in some form and Steve Chandler, who gets there before us will investigate. The pump money has not been spent and is held safely. Local Rotarians are keen to show us their projects, so we will see what happens.

Rob                                                                                                         7 Jan 2019