Billericay Town Rotary Club Quiz Night

We win the Satellite Rotary Club of Billericay Town Quiz night in aid of Headway Essex

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Making Headway

Saturday night March 9 saw a team from our club turn out to support the Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower’s Satellite club – the Rotary Club of Billericay Town at their Quiz Night.  Ed Harrison, Les and Val Sheppard, Sue and Mike Ginn, Peter and Wendy Greene, and friend of the club, Derek Norman, made up the team.

Missing someone who is sitting in front of you

Why a Quiz?  It was all in aid of local charity “Headway Essex” who specialise in providing long term care, information and support to survivors of brain Injury.  Its Headway Centre in Colchester provides vital post rehabilitation services and its Community Support helps over 500 people across Essex with advice and support.

The scale of the problem it deals with is shown by its clients in their own words: “When I woke up I could not believe I had four children, I thought I was 16”.  And another client “It is strange missing someone when they are sitting in front of you”.
Thankfully the Raffle alone raised £524 which will all go to the charity.

Accidentally (not) on purpose

The team was down to seven only because Wendy had to drop out through illness, and, it was almost only six, because Peter, in rushing up Lion lane, didn’t see a traffic calming bump in the road – black bump, black road, black night – result, flat on his back and a badly cut hand.  Arriving at the venue, the WI Hall in St. Edith’s Lane, first aid from organiser Nick Lang stemmed the bleeding and wrapped the injury in dressings and sticky tape to stop Peter dripping blood all over the table.

No effect on his ability to eat the fish and chips, and contribute to the answers, but unable to write a thing.

Bleeding Obvious

So how did we do?  Twelve teams, ten rounds of ten questions as well as a Marathon round on pictures and phrases, stretched everybodys’ knowledge.  Quizmaster Dikster asked the questions, Rotarian Nick Lang worked the technology and kept the scores, and we did our best.

What was our name?  After Peter’s accident – it was “Bleeding Obvious”!  Third after two rounds, then seventh after four rounds, we played our “Joker” on round five and found ourselves second to the Mayflower Marauders.  There we stayed until the marathon round at the end where we scored high, and we had WON by one point!

Honour of the club upheld.  Prizes of a bottle of wine each thankfully received!