Buttsbury Comic Relief 2019

RotaKids of Buttsbury Junior School sell red noses and dress up in pyjamas and onesies to raise money for Comic Relief

Red Noses And Pyjamas For Comic Relief

Everyone does something for Comic Relief – whether making fools of themselves on the BBC or climbing, Kilimanjaro, or just dressing up. 

That’s just what the RotaKids of Buttsbury Junior School did – dress up. Well, sort of, if you can consider wearing pyjamas and onesies as dressing up. That was the chosen choice of all the pupils when asked their views. 

Comic Relief has always been, in its many years of running, a success story of raising money and providing funds to support impoverished and less-fortunate children in parts of the world like Africa.  Celebrities get involved and much is made of their participation, but it is when schools like Buttsbury pick up the baton and take on the challenge that we realise how much our children in the UK really care.

Doing Good

Buttsbury RotaKids have never resisted a challenge to collect for charity and, “do good”. So, when Red Nose Day was approaching, it was all hands to the pumps to make a major fund-raising initiative for Comic Relief.

So, what did they decide to do?  Firstly, sell red noses – they did so well they sold out - 500 red noses gone.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed personalising the noses and many had a personal favourite.

Then they canvassed all the pupils for ideas, and settled on a simple fun day, all the pupils who wanted to take part should pay to come to school for a non-uniform day.  There were prizes for the best “dressed” (or should it be “undressed”) pupil in each year and a certificate recording their success.  And a special Red Nose cake at lunch time.
In our school days, teachers had no obligation nor necessity to encourage “dressing up”. Unless for the annual school production – Nativity, Shakespeare or Greek Tragedy – considered educational, not fun.  But then, no-one was being urged to raise money for Comic Relief. They would have responded of course, if it existed.

Heroes And Villains

So, no way out for the Buttsbury staff. Orders were orders – directed by the RotaKids to come in as heroes or villains.......since every picture tells a story, see how the staff responded in the photographs above.

The children paid.one pound to the charity to dress up and many of the staff donated too.

The great news. They raised £412 for Comic Relief.  Bravo Buttsbury!