June 22 - Eve - Fictionary Dictionary

Mon 22nd June 2020 at 18.30 - 21.00

The rules are quite simple. Everyone needs a dictionary and to be able to use the Zoom chat feature.

Agree the layout of your group in a circle.  The play proceeds clockwise


Choose someone to start as the dictionary holder

The dictionary holder finds a word in the dictionary at random ,

Check no-one knows it

Writes down a sanitised dictionary definition.


The rest of the group make up definitions for the given word.


The definitions are typed into the chat and SENT PRIVATELY to the dictionary holder.


The dictionary holder randomises the order and then reads out each definition including the real one.  It is important that the dictionary holder reads each definition carefully before reading them out loud (so as not to stumble).


The person 'to the left' of the dictionary holder says what they think the correct definition is and so on clockwise around the group.


Scoring for the round

1 point if you identify the correct definition

1 point if someone else thinks your definition is the correct one

1 point to the dictionary holder if no-one identifies the correct definition


So the aim is to make your definition as realistic as possible.

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