2020 Charity Garden Fete - Dunrobin Castle


This summer the Rotary Club of East Sutherland will host a very special Midsummers Day / Fathers Day Charity event at Dunrobin Castle when over 20 charities and local organisations  will come together to raise cash and awareness for good causes.
The event will be supported by the Glenmorangie Distillery and Moray Firth Cash For Kids but will offer a showcase opportunity to others such as:-Highland Hospice ; GO Golspie; Brighter Brora, Dornoch Beach Wheelchairs, Citizens Advice Bureau ; Friends of Brora School; Highland Hospice; Rotakids; The Sutherland Care Forum; Highlife Learning Centres; TYKES; BADAG; Macmillan Nurses; the East Sutherland Rescue Association; CRY; Youth Traditional Music and dance groups and many more local organisations.
It is hoped that over 500 people will join in a fun evening at which the pipe band will play, Cheerleaders will put on a display and there will be The biggest Teddy Bears Picnic ever seen in Sutherland with Mr Bubbles and his friends making sure that the children have even more fun than their parents in a wonderful location.
Do not miss the fun - join us at Dunrobin on the 21st June and help so many good causes.

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