Sugar Hill Primary School Rotakids Club

Tue 19th November 2019 at 19.30 - 21.00

Sugar Hill primary School Rotakids enterprise project

Sugar Hill Primary School Rotakids Club

The Rotakids of Sugar Hill Primary School are now busy working on their Enterprise Project. 

They have been given a sum of money by Rotary Newton Aycliffe. They have had to think of projects which will enable them to make a profit. They keep the profit and return the original sum to Rotary.

Their first project involved baking cakes to sell to their peers in school. Last week Rotarian Mrs Pickersgill came to school with ingredients. The Rotakids stayed after school to bake cakes which they sold the following day. The Rotakids then took any spare cakes home to sell as they are determined to make a profit! With a store of ingredients purchased by Rotary there will be a lot more baking and fundraising over the next few weeks. The children are keen to make this project a huge success. The profit raised will be used for their chosen charity, supplying water filtration plants to children in Africa. When the children saw the demonstration where dirty water was transformed into clean drinking water using the filtration system they realised this would be a great project for their fundraising efforts.

The Rotakids of Sugar Hill Primary would like to thank Newton Aycliffe Rotary Club for the funding to start their project and a special thank you to Mrs Pickersgill in giving her time to shop and bake!