Our Activities and Events

As a way of keeping up to date with our club activities visit this section of the website regularly...

Fundraising and Social BBQ

Community Projects

We have plenty of projects, activities and events planned for the year ahead and your involvement is paramount to our success!

Visit our Events page for details of upcoming events we would love you to get involved in and to give you a flavour of what we do here are some of the different projects/programmes from Redditch Kingfisher:

Public Access Defibrillators

A programme to install public access defibrillators and provide CPR training to the community


Part of an environmental support programme, regular litter-picks in and around Redditch

Foodbank Support

Monthly food delivery to Redditch foodbank, supported by Morrisons supermarket

Seahorse Conservation

Raising funds and awareness to conserve the natural habitat of the seahorse

YMCA Garden 

Collaboration with Redditch YMCA to regenrate their gardens with YMCA supported young people

Uplift Project

Collection of 'gently worn' under garments for distribution to people in need in the UK and overseas

Kingfisher Business Network

Brining the business, community and public sector together to help Redditch #BuildBackBetter

Tools for Self-reliance

Collecting old tools that are reburbished locally and donated to overseas communities

Youth Competitons

A wide range of competitions to build confidence and engagement by children through schools and community

Memory Cafe

Supporting people living with dementia, the monthly cafe gives a safe environment for people to meet and chat

Quiz Night Fundraisers

Many of the projects we support need to be underpinned with funding and the quarterly Quiz Nights provide entertainment and a good source of funding!

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Fundraising and Social BBQ

As a way of keeping up to date with our club activities visit this section of the website regularly...


Bringing community and business together Strengthen Redditch #BuildBackBetter

Heads Down and Game On!

Putting the 'Fun' in Fundraising


volunteering gives a great sense of achievement and you can get involved...

Quiz Night

Fun night out flexing those brain cells as you help local Redditch causes...

Rotary's Areas of Focus

Rotary's not-for-profit organisation works to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace.

Meet the Team

The photographs that you can see represent just some of the many projects and activities we are involved in...

Local and Overseas

Our aim is to support communities in need whether they are based locally here in Redditch or as far away as Africa...


These amazing animals need our help before it’s too late. This project aims to protect a very endangered species in their natural habitat.

RK Zoom!

Club Meetings via Zoom to allow everyone to join the action!