Joining our club

Are you wanting to make positive changes in your community and around the world?
Do you want to be a member of a vibrant social organisation?

…….read on for more about our club and what it means to be a Rotarian.

  • Aberystwyth Rotary club was established over 70 years ago (1948) currently maintaining an active membership of around 40 members from a wide range of vocations and professions. This club is one of 35,000 clubs worldwide, with a total membership of 1.2 million, which make up the organisation, Rotary International (RI)
     Being a member of our club means recognising and adhering to the service and fellowship ideals of Rotary, illustrated in Rotary’s motto “Service above self”. Rotarians are united in providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards at work and helping to build goodwill for world peace.
    Nearer to home our club is one of 8 clubs in the West Wales Area, the area being part of  68 clubs in the south Wales District, with 29 Districts making up Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (Rotary GB&I). Our club actively participates in Area and District activities.

  • As a member your responsibilities and opportunities are
    ♦to take an active part in one of the five service committees. Browse the committee pages to see their roles and activities.
    ♦to introduce yourself at a club meeting a few weeks after joining,giving us all a background on yourself 
    to chair one of the Service committees (one year term) in due course and to become President in turn.
    ♦to fully undertake the opportunities for fellowship by regular attendance at club meetings and at social and fundraising events together with the opportunity to visit other clubs in the UK and internationally.
  • Have a look at our Future meetings/events page to see when we meet and give you a flavour of what we do. We normally meet fortnightly on a Tuesday lunchtime for a one course meal aiming to complete proceedings by 2pm. Those proceedings would normally include either a visiting speaker, committee meetings or a business meeting. The latter is where each committee chair informs all the members of their deliberations and activities. That way everyone is informed and involved!
  • So how much is it going to cost you to be a member of our club?
    ♦the first point to make is that we do keep the cost to a minimum, and any changes are agreed democratically by club members
    ♦there is an annual subscription of £165. This includes all the running cost of the club, a Charter night meal, and fees to the Rotary organisation.
    ♦the lunch cost, by pre-paid ticket, is £14.50. Three course evening meals are normally around £17
    ♦if you are interested in joining the club you would be expected to attend a few meetings, normally lunchtime, as a guest. The first two lunches are on us.
  • Inner Wheel is the female ‘counterpart’ club of Aberystwyth Rotary club

It is vitally important for you to be fully aware of the responsibilities and opportunities of being a member of our club. Any prospective member would be expected to attend a few of our regular meetings allowing them to socialise with club members and observe at first hand what we are and what we do. 

'What We Do' Main Pages:

We volunteer our time and resources and aim to make a difference to the lives of people. We raise funds for local causes, organise community events, promoting the achievements of young people. We respond to emergency/disaster crises.


The club is administered through the 4 committees Club Council Membership, Development and Service Local and Global Futures


Progress on arrangements for the club's 75th anniversay celebrations in 2023


Are you wanting to make positive changes in your community and around the world? Do you want to be a member of a vibrant social organisation?

English school, Cambodia whereLW  Scholar Freya Clare taught in 2019

The Lionel White Scholarship award provides financial support for young people from the Aberystwyth area wishing to travel abroad for humanitarian and experience-widening purposes.

All the money from the Wishing Well is donated to Water Aid

Aberystwyth promenade