2020 Rotakids Investiture

The new school year heralds the election by their fellow school children of new members for the Quilters and Buttsbury RotaKids clubs, and their investiture by Rotary Club President Ben Clarke.

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Rotakids – A New Year,  A New Team our Rotakids

The new school year sees the election by their fellow school children of new members for the Quilters and Buttsbury RotaKids clubs, and School Councils, for each school.

Our Pride In Buttsbury RotaKids

President Ben visited Buttsbury Junior School,  along with Mike Sinclair, and presented the new Buttsbury Rotakids officers with their badges of office on Friday, September 25.

Ben said:  “ I was thrilled to be able to do it.  The whole school was assembled. We should be proud to be associated with such a disciplined and well-behaved school”. 

After an introduction by Head Teacher Anne Robinson and meeting new Rotakids Teacher/Leader, Mrs Faye Felgate, Ben and Mike did the honours. Ben said a few words and presented the badges to the new officers: President: Izzy Cheesman;  Vice-president: Toby Lashmar; Secretary: Lana Bailey; Treasurer: Austin Kelly; PR Representative: Ava Wilkins, with RotaKids President Izzy receiving a special ribbon and badge identifying her role.

Anne Robinson said: “The children were pleased to be involved with the Rotary Club once again and are looking forward to raising lots more money for charity.”

Quilters Receive Badges Of Honour

Ben repeated the whole process at Quilters School on November 7, when he and Youth Service Chairman Mike Sinclair visited the school to meet the 2019/20 team. 

They were introduced to the children by Suzie Murray, the RotaKids coordinator at Quilters, before each of the four officers (President Zoe Hallworth, Vice-President Vivian Klamp, Secretary Mia Lawless and Treasurer Robbie Hume) received their badges from President Ben, with the President Zoe receiving the special ribbon and badge as for Buttsbury.

The Pledge

The remaining RotaKids officials then received their badges, followed by the rest of the RotaKids, in their year groups.

Finally, all the children readout the RotaKids pledge in unison – “As a RotaKid, I endeavour to be fair to all, to serve my community and to show respect for others, to make a difference to our school, our community and our world”.   They all received their own pledge card.

President Ben had welcomed each club member to the family of Rotary and said: “We look forward to hearing your plans for this year.  I hope you will have a lot of fun doing your projects and our Rotary club is looking forward to your helping us sell raffle tickets at the Christmas Market in aid of charities supported by Rotary.”